Welcome to Central Commons

Central Commons Church is a new non-profit that exists to equip the next generation of church leaders and prepare the way for the next wave of church plants. Led by Blake Schwarz and The Pegasus Institute, Central Commons purchased the Central Christian Church property, which has been serving hundreds of people from all walks of life who are already gathering on a church campus looking for community and care each week.

We believe it is the ideal place to equip and send the next generation of church leaders.

More Details

New Churches
  • Berean Ethiopian Evangelicals Fellowship
  • The Gathering
  • Dog Park Worship
  • St. Luke’s Medical District
Tenants Driving Campus Traffic
  • Connecting Point Park Cities
  • 12-Step Groups
  • Dallas Contemporary Conservatory
  • Dog Park
  • Co-working

All these efforts generate revenue and will allow Central Commons to operate in a self-sustaining way. The diverse and consistent traffic makes this campus an ideal place to prepare the next generation of church leaders.

The Campus


4711 Westside Dr
Dallas, TX 75209
  • 34,000 square feet
  • 4.2 acres
  • Sanctuary, Chapel, Fellowship Hall
  • Shared classroom and office space
  • Commercial kitchen and common room


We seek to honor the legacy of the congregation of Central Christian Church (c 1863) by extending its amazing work of gathering people from around North Texas, working as partners to experience and offer transformation to all who would come. 

This campus currently serves hundreds of people from all walks of life who long for a safe place of welcome. From creatives making art and music to multiple church communities gathering for worship, from schools serving people of all abilities to recovery groups seeking restoration, and from wellness practitioners to social entrepreneurs, Central Commons provides a place for the community to gather.

ALL of this is happening ON THE SAME CAMPUS, AT THE SAME TIME, where amazing folks cross paths, interact, and learn from and with each other, thereby giving a glimpse of heaven on earth.

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